At the Treatment Room, these are what we consider clinical skin nourishing treatments.  Where as these are a relaxing process, they are performed in a clinical manner and not a massage "zen type" of environment.  We provide results and the relaxation is just a bonus!

Custom Facial

This facial includes a skin analysis to determine the best way to balance your PH and help restore or maintain its balance.  Extractions may be included however this can be performed on a person with mild acne (less than 1/4th of the face), its is not the facial for "Active Acne".

Skin Firming Facial

This facial includes a 30 minute "facial lift" massage, as well as lymphatic drainage which helps to increase circulation and blood flow as well as relieve tight jaws, puffy eyes and a fine lines for a healthier radiant glow. 

Hydrating Facial

This treatment is packed with skin balancing and hydrating ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple and balanced.

Age Defying Facial

This facial is packed with anti-aging ingredients and vitamins to help prevent and maintain the visible signs of aging.

Acne Relief Facial
Depending on the type of acne & the severity, this treatment will provide a deep cleansing and skin balancing effect.

UltraCalming Facial

A very gentle calming hydrating and soothing facial that will help to restore balance and provide relief.

Vitamin C Facial

This vitamin C packed facial will leave your skin feeling ultra hydrated and plump and is full of antioxidants.

Oily Skin Facial

This skin balancing facial is packed with ingredients such as clay and menthol that leave your skin feeling soft radiant and balanced.

Dermalogica Ionactive-LED Retinol Treatment
Retinol is known for its antiaging, collagen rejuvenating and brightening agents.  This concentrated Retinol topical treatment combined with LED for intensified results provide an intense collagen fortifying treatment!

Dermalogica Ionactive-LED Hyaluronic Treatment
The Ultimate in hydration!  This highly concentrated hyaluronic acid known for its moisture retaining and enhancing properties offers a skin hydrating and plumping treatment! 

Dermalogica Ionactive -LED Acne Treatment

The healing treatment. A highly concentrated topical Acne fighting treatment combined with blue light therapy will help heal and reduce acne lesions and help prevent scarring.

Dermalogica Ionactive-LED Brightening Treatment

​​The brightening treatment. A unique topical agent free of "hydraquinone" called Oligliopeptides help to brighten hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration) for a more balanced skin tone and a brighter complexion.