Whether you realize it or not, eyebrows are often the first thing you notice about another person. Beyond revealing the grooming habits (or lack thereof) of their owner, eyebrows also convey emotions and allow humans to communicate non-verbally. What are your brows saying?

Here are some options to get your brows looking better than ever!

Brow Shaping-is a manual tweezing process.

Brow Waxing-is where a "skin safe" wax that is best for your hair type is used to remove excess hair and to shape your brows.

Brow Tinting-is where a brow and lash specific tint is used to enhance your brow color or to mask gray hair.

Microblading-is carried out using a hand held tool to insert pigment into the upper layers of the skin-as opposed to a machine.  This pigment is deposited into the upper layers of the skin as color is impacted closer to the surface, the hair strokes appear crisp and very fine.  The effects last up to 18 months after which the pigment fades leaving the skin.  This method is ideal for anyone looking to enhance his or her eyebrows. 


Recruiting Brow models to perfect my craft!

The ideal candidate must have eyebrow hair, no prior tattoos, in good health, not pregnant,.

A more formal questionaire will be sent to determine eligibility from there.

​TEXT or email pictures to 602-300-3167 thetreatmentroomaz@yahoo.com 

Pictures must be.in good lighting without makeup FRONT and SIDES of your brows to be considered.  

Requires a 6 week touch up, aftercare and permission to use photos for promotional purposes.  

Model Fee-$99! to cover expenses.